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The full version of the Coding Grid app has received the Teacher Approved badge on the Play Store, indicating its high quality for kids aged 9+. Parents can trust this app for its engaging content, fostering critical thinking, creativity, and a love of learning in a fun and thoughtfully designed way!

Unlock the power of coding in your native language, with current support for English, Chinese, Spanish, Polish, German, French, Italian, Hindi, Portuguese, Japanese, Dutch, Czech, Swedish, Korean, Greek, Danish, Romanian, Ukrainian, Russian, Norwegian, and Hungarian.

Try the app, and if you enjoy it, make a one-time purchase to get all features.

Coding Grid Lite, for Android
Free version, to try before purchase
Coding Grid, for Android
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Coding Grid, for iOS and macOS
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Coding Grid Lite, for Windows
Free version, to try before purchase
Coding Grid, for Windows
Paid, full version

We value your privacy. The app does not require creating any accounts. We do not collect your data. All your programs and grids are stored on your device.

On Google Play and Microsoft Store, before you decide to buy the paid Coding Grid app, you can check if you like it by downloading a free Coding Grid Lite. Coding Grid Lite allows you to try Coding Grid by taking a few basic courses. You can also run some examples that present more advanced programming concepts. If you find this app valuable, please buy a full version, to support efforts of the authors.

On Apple App Store you just install a single Coding Grid app. Initially it has the basic courses unlocked, just like Coding Grid Lite on Google Play or Microsoft Store. If you find this app valuable, please make a one-time in-app purchase to unlock all features and to support efforts of the authors.

For each store you have to buy the app separately. For example if you bought the app from Google for your Android device and also want to use it on Windows, you have to buy it from Microsoft Store as well. That is because of our design choice – the app doesn’t have any server side, doesn’t require a user account and doesn’t store any user information. You just download the app from your preferred store and use it on your device.

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