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Coding Grid

Coding Grid is an educational app that will teach you how to code. The best way to learn how to code is to practice a lot and apply the computer science concepts to real problems.

We believe that such complex topics like coding should be taught in the simplest possible way. That’s why we offer a modern, unique and pragmatic approach to learning, that focus both on the fundamentals of programming and gaining experience.

You will program in a visual language called VisualL. You write a program within the app by dragging statements and filling expressions.

The learning is self-paced. You can jump to any topic you want.

You don’t need to have any prior knowledge of coding.

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One of Coding Grid’s most significant innovations is its support for multilingual programming. With Coding Grid, users can enjoy the flexibility of coding in a syntax rooted in their native language, rather than solely in English. At present, we offer support for English, Chinese, Spanish, Polish, German, French, Italian, Hindi, Portuguese, Japanese, Dutch, Czech, Swedish, Korean, Greek, Danish, Romanian, Ukrainian, Russian, Norwegian, and Hungarian. We’re persistently striving to broaden our linguistic support, aiming to make the art of coding globally accessible and inclusive.

Age: 7+.

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Learn, Practice and Write the Code


Statements, data types, expressions, variables, conditionals, loops, functions, exceptions, threads, locks, classes, inheritance, collections.


Moving the cursor, coloring cells, callbacks on cell touch/click, reading cell colors. Learn to code by taking simple, entertaining steps first.


For each concept you will see an example with a real code.


For each example you will have a possibility to practice by modifying the example and to see the effects of your changes to the behavior of a program.

Your Projects

We encourage you to create your own programs. That is the best way to learn programming. You write your programs as Projects.


Coding Grid provides IDE (Integrated Development Environment), simplified for learning. You can run, edit and debug the programs.


Focus Only on Programming

The simplicity of the app is intentional, it allows you to focus only on programming. We believe that it encourages to abstract thinking in terms of base computer science concepts.

VisualL is sufficiently powerful to allow you to switch to any other programming language after you complete the courses. You will be prepared to start learning more advanced coding concepts and other programming languages.

You start your journey with the simplest topics (like movement of the cursor on the grid) but you will also learn more advanced Computer Science concepts (like Object Oriented Programming, threads, exception handling, and selected most common data structures and algorithms).

We believe that although coding is more and more useful in our lives, it is really important to just enjoy it.

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